Safety Protocols for Gym Use During the Pandemic in Orange County

Gyms in Orange County must adhere to strict state guidelines and recommendations, including deep cleaning, in order to remain open during the pandemic. The state strongly recommends that employees wear a face mask and that members cover their faces when entering and leaving the facility and during their training. Marc Cota-Robles, who was interviewed by ABC report, assured that he wasn't paid to say that, adding that he wanted to be among the first people to return to the gym when it reopened its doors. The Orange County Health Agency reported four more deaths from COVID-19 on Thursday, bringing the total to 202. Seal Beach officials revealed an outbreak in a nursing home that claimed two lives and sickened dozens of residents and staff members.

Supervisor Andrew Do noted that the county declared a state of emergency in February, even before there was a confirmed case in Orange County. In order to ensure safety for gym users during the pandemic, Orange County has implemented several protocols. All gyms must adhere to these protocols in order to remain open. These protocols include:

  • Deep cleaning of all equipment and surfaces
  • Mandatory face masks for employees and members
  • Social distancing measures
  • Regular temperature checks for staff and members
  • Limiting the number of people allowed in the gym at one time
  • Regularly sanitizing all equipment after each use
  • Providing hand sanitizer throughout the facility
  • Encouraging members to bring their own water bottles and towels
  • Limiting group classes to small numbers of people
These safety protocols are essential for keeping gym users safe during the pandemic.

It is important for gym owners and members alike to take these protocols seriously in order to ensure everyone's safety. By following these protocols, gyms can remain open while still protecting their members from potential exposure to COVID-19. Orange County is committed to keeping its citizens safe during this pandemic. By adhering to the safety protocols outlined above, gyms can remain open while still protecting their members from potential exposure to COVID-19. It is essential that everyone follows these guidelines in order to keep our community safe.