Trying to find a great gym or fitness routine can be stressful and overwhelming. There are so many options for choosing classes. Gyms that may or may not fit your budget and fitness needs. Picking the right experience can be confusing when there is a lot to consider. For instance, your health goals, preferences and budget. So, just because a certain work out or gym like YouFit has easy access and equipment, doesn’t mean it’s the right fit for you.

YouFit is an easy gym to get started. YouFit is for average joes who aren’t concerned with “Going hard or Going Home”. So, if you are serious about a fitness lifestyle this would not be the gym that satisfies your needs. However, a more focus training and targeted goal based facility with a fit-family atmosphere like Box Hiit Fitness Forma in Maitland, has the ability to target and crush your fitness goals, add variety to your workouts to keep you on your toes while having a dedicated fitness instructor to help motivate and make changes that are best suited for you. This is the key to you getting more out of your workouts.

Ability to Target Your Fitness Plan is KEY

When it comes to your fitness plan, you will get the most results from a diversified yet targeted workout routine. It involves doing more than just cardio and not being “stuck on the treadmill.” YouFit features small number of programs customized to the average joe. Fitness lifestyle Spartans like yourself understand you need more weight, more H.I.I.T. workouts to push your body to new levels. YouFit does have 1 on 1 personal training clubs to help you meet the goals you want but it’s at a slower pace than other high energy gym like Box Hiit Fitness Forma. Takes an average of 3-6 months to start seeing realistic fitness goals manifest at a moderate level training gym. Box Hiit Gym Forma helps you to start crushing new levels and fitness peaks in 2 to 3 months.

YouFit is also more expensive than they advertise! Even though their monthly fee is only $10 a month, the annual membership fee is $53.24.  The $22.99 a month plan together with the $53.24 annual fee is $330!!

Meanwhile, with Box Hiit Fitness Forma you will be seeing results a lot faster than at other gyms because the main ingredient in their workout regimen is HIIT. H.I.I.T. stands for High Intensity Interval Training. HIIT involves short bursts of intense exercise alternated with low-intensity recovery periods. Interestingly, it is perhaps the most time-efficient way to exercise. Given the shortness of the workout, it can yield health benefits equivalent to twice as much moderate-intensity exercise.

Is YouFit Worth It?

If you’re looking at YouFit as your next health club choice? You might be asking “Are they worth the investment?” Well, we’re going to help you answer that question!  Let’s compare YouFit against Box Hiit Fitness Forma and you can choose which gym is best suited for you.

For instance, Box Hiit Fitness Forma was voted best gym near Maitland, Altamonte, Casselberry, Winter Park and the Orlando Florida area. Above all, we have so much more value to offer than YouFit when it comes to the equipment availability, classes, and attentiveness from our trainers. In addition to treadmills, we also have row machines, a Jacobs Ladder, ‘Purmotion’ equipment, boxing bags (including the impact absorbing water heavy bag), hand weights (up to 100 lbs.). Plus, all the needed equipment for HIIT (high intensity interval) workouts . Can’t make it to a class? No problem! Members of Box Hiit Fitness Forma not only have access to unlimited classes, but open gym anytime they want to workout. Furthermore, member’s don’t have to register before attending the class of their choosing, which is a huge plus for the typical on-the-go busy body.

So, if you are looking for value, focus, and affordability, Box Hiit Fitness might just be the perfect fit for you. Ever heard of “Purmotion“? Purmotion‘ is cutting-edge fitness equipment. It is designed to increase your physical ability by using body weight-based motions. These movements will make you stronger without breaking you down.  (You can read more about Purmotion here.)

The Work Outsgirl boxing with trainer. Box Hiit Fitness Forma Maitland

Membership Includes Access to Open Gym Anytime During Business Hours

Box Hiit Fitness offers you the ability to diversify your workouts. With a membership, you get UNLIMITED fitness classes and open gym. One of the biggest advantages to having a Box Hiit Membership over YouFit is that you can use the open gym at Box Hiit anytime during business hours. There are 30 classes a week so you can find the right class to fit your busy schedule.

Box Hiit 50

Is a 50-minute trainer led boxing inspired workout. It includes six 3-minute rounds of boxing or kickboxing using a heavy bag with 1-minute of strength training between each round. Box Hiit 50 was designed to help strengthen the body while improving your cardiovascular health.

Forma 60

Is a 60-minute trainer led group fitness class. It combines functional and High Intensity Interval Training. This targets various muscles as you work through assigned stations. Each work out will target various muscles utilizing a variety of equipment. These include free weights, medicine balls, sleds, battle ropes and much more. Forma 60 has been designed to build power and burn fat.

Unlimited Classes at A Better Value

Box Hiit Fitness Memberships offer UNLIMITED classes. Basic monthly membership at YouFit, only allow you access to limited class sessions a month and open gym. Only the top-level monthly contract with YouFit would give you an unlimited option, and even then  you’re still restricted because this top-level membership might not meet your budget. At YouFit, you’re limited to attending “class sessions” and open gym that might be in conflict with your schedule. Fitness routines should be reliable and versatile for you as well. At Box Hiit Fitness, our routines were designed to keep you on your feet. We have open gym for anytime work outs.  Are you someone who likes to attend the gym on your own time to avoid the crowd? If so, you are going to get more out of Box Hiit Fitness Forma.

Overall, Box Hiit Fitness is a better value over YouFit. If you looking for an easier, faster fix for your everyday life and your everyday body?  So, what are you waiting for?

Box Hiit Fitness Forma is a fitness boutique with BIG gym amenities. We offer best in class instructor led group workouts that include Kickboxing, boxing, and total body conditioning boot camp style classes.  We’re located right in beautiful Maitland at 143 Atlantic Drive, Maitland FL 32751 (Ste. A -1020). For more questions about our services or more information about our gym facilities, give us a call at 407-853-5317 or email us at