What to eat before the gym” is a common question asked by a lot of athletes and people who are just starting out their workout Journey. All Athletes and fitness enthusiasts are constantly looking to improve their game in any way they can. Nutrition is an important part of your fitness journey. Nutrition intake can help not only to improve in your journey but can help with muscle damage while you’re working out. But what can I eat before going to the gym to improve my work out performance? Here you will be able to find out what to eat before the gym.

Strength and Energy – What To Eat Before The Gym

Providing your body with nutrients before going to the gym will give you the strength and energy when preforming your workout routine. But your performance is not just based on what you eat but also by how much you eat. The amount of your intake can affect your exercise. To enhance your workout, it is important to eat a full meal about 2-3 hours before full of carbs, proteins and fats to prepare your body. This helps to prevent any stomach discomfort and pains.

Just A Snack Might Do

But Eating a full meal might not be too realistic for some people. But you can still eat prior to your workout. It should just be something a bit smaller. Choosing foods that can also be easy to digest and that also have plenty of carbs, proteins and fats will help prepare you. Some of these foods can include chicken, steamed rice and vegetables, Toast with peanut butter or almond butter with banana, scrambled eggs, oatmeal and protein shakes.

Chicken, Steamed Rice And Veggies

This meal is a classic to eat before a nice workout. Chicken helps to provide the protein and carbs while the vegetables bring in fiber to help with digesting. Choosing if you want the thighs or legs of the chicken doesn’t matter. The dark meat though does provide more fat. The fat will help you not get too hungry while you exercise.

Toast, Peanut Butter And Banana

Starting with the banana, Bananas have all-natural sugars and lots of potassium and carbs. Peanut butter and almond butter have proteins and fats helping to keep you feeling full and gives you tons of energy to help you push through the workout feeling strong. Toast will help you keep control of blood-pressure and banana has simple carbs.

Oatmeal And Fruit

Oatmeal contains carbs that digest slowly helping to keep sustainable energy while you work out. Adding a nice scoop of protein powder, blueberries, raspberries or cherries can help by giving you nutrient and antioxidants. This snack provides energy and helps to prevent any cell damage.

Scrambled Eggs With Veggies

Scrambled eggs hold tons of protein and using the entire egg will be able to benefit you. The yellow yolk of the eggs carries all eight of the amino- acids which can help with your muscle building. While the vegetables are really the star of this dish. The vegetables are rich with nutrients no matter which type you decide to choose. Adding avocado to this meal also can provide you with a bunch of healthy fats and might help enhance the dish with even more flavor.

These are just a few foods that you should eat before the gym.

Working out on an empty stomach, Is this bad for you?

Eating before a workout helps give you everything that you need to help work off all the bad things you plan on getting out of your body. It is very good to eat beforehand, but is it bad not to? Not eating before a workout is normally called fasting cardio. This form of exercise makes your body eat on the stored fat your body already has. It will also feed on your energy and carbohydrate levels. This might start to make you feel lightheaded and maybe a little weak depending on how hard you push yourself in your exercise. But this form of exercise does lead to high levels of fat loss.

Some research does support the idea of fasted cardio. Even though its supported doesn’t mean its ideal to do. You might end up burning off some of the good carbs, proteins and energy that is needed for your body to perform.  Burning this off can lead to high blood-sugar, less stamina, nausea, might make you shaky and give you dizziness. Overall, trying to exercise on an empty stomach might be harmful to you if you’re not on top of being good to your body and will start using up all your protein and start running it as fuel.

Well Is It Harmful If I Eat After A Workout? What Would Be A Good Meal To Eat After?

Eating after your workout is very important. After burning off all those unwanted calories, it is important to give your body back the energy and nutrients it needs to preform the rest of your tasks ahead. Eating after will help restore not only your energy but also your glucose and helps to recover your muscles. If you decide to eat before your workout the nutrients you gave to your body, might still be there when you start the workout. In this case you will help aid the nutrients afterwards.

Eating food like fish, whole grains, yogurt, banana, pretzels, lentils and greens like spinach will be able to help get all that energy and nutrition back into your body. It’s also very important to keep yourself as hydrated as possible throughout the entirety of the day. Drinking lots of water will help keep you hydrated and prevent dizziness and dehydration during your exercise.

Find What Works For Your Body

Finding what works for you is really all you need to do when it comes to your routine. After all it is your body and who would be better to tell you how to care for it.  Just like your workout routine, there is not just simply one answer. Everyone’s body is unique and what might be best for one person might not be what is entirely best for you. So, paying close attention to you and your needs is what is key here.