Whether we realize it or not, physics is a science that is all around us through every movement we make. This science explains everything we do from simply walking, or even as complex as sending a rocket into outer space. Biomechanics can explain how we can achieve certain athletic goals, and why we are able to achieve them. Biomechanics  is the physics that pertains to the movement of the human body. For example, how and why you have the hardest hitting swing on your baseball team? Or why you can dunk a basketball and your friend can’t. Physics and biomechanics are the essence of how we move. So why is this science taught only at advanced levels of education? Let’s slow down and start with the foundation first- That’s where our Purmotion equipment comes into play.

Science Behind Purmotion

Injury can be a detrimental ‘bummer’ to our livelihoods, and can affect even the smallest of movements that we normally take for granted. This could be as simple as bending over to pick up an item we dropped or lifting something overhead. We don’t realize how synergistically our muscles work until we injure ourselves. However, Purmotion was designed with all these natural movements in mind, and works to help increase your strength, and not over-stress your joints.

How Purmotion Works

Movements such as Olympic power lifting, are most certainly impressive to watch, and feel empowering to accomplish, but how does this extreme loaded weight and awkward movements apply to the average person who doesn’t power lift as a profession?  Over time, these repeated movements will put an exaggerated strain on our wrists and elbows. Just like a car after so many miles – things start to break down. The human body is very comparable to the automotive of a car; blockages, build-ups and break-downs- Oh my. Just like a good mechanic, if you know how to maintain your body well, our adversities and injuries can be preventable, for the most part.

Purmotion in Your Workout

Many of the same movements achieved in power lifting can be improvised on the Purmotion, just safer and easier. Anyone from beginner to advanced fitness levels can practice these moves. The “power clean and jerk” movement done with one linear barbell puts an extreme amount of weight on the wrists. This movement can only be accomplished by hyperextending the wrists backwards. With the Purmotion Renegade Bars, the handles swivel to keep the wrist aligned with the forearm, so there is never any hyperextension or flexion in the wrists. The beauty of it is, someone who is advanced can load a heavy amount of weight to lift, and a beginner is able to perform the same movements with no additional weight at all.

Check out Purmotion for a more advanced explanation on the methodology of how and why Purmotion moves like it does. It’s not just to help your workout, but also your everyday life.

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