Is work in the way of a healthy you?

Is life getting in the way of you and everything you want for yourself? I know it is for me! This includes my fitness schedule too! So how can we get our fitness schedule back on track? Because let’s face it even if we don’t want to all the time, fitness is still important for our overall health, right? Here are some possible ways you might be able to get your fitness schedule back in check and still succeed in our other life events.

How can fitness help me?

So, let’s think just a little bit here about what a fitness routine can do to improve a better and new you! Exercise can strengthen not just your body but also your mental health to. It will improve your heart strength which helps reduce the cause of heart attacks or other serious injuries. Knowing this should help boost and inspire a little bit of motivation. You can also improve your circulation and oxygen levels as well. Doing this could help prevent heart disease, high cholesterol and artery disease.

Having a fitness routine could help keep a lot of things in your body at a more balanced level. This can improve not just physical health but also improve your workday mental health and over all happiness and mood.  During exercise, your body sends out a chemical that can help your mood and make you feel more peaceful and relaxed. This particular chemical can help with stress levels and depression throughout your workday and home life.

What can I do?

So, besides all the healthy benefits that fitness can do for you, how can you put a fitness routine back into your workday? Well its simpler than you might think. Just taking the stairs instead of an elevator is the perfect start!  If you work inside a building that has stairs and an elevator, taking just ten minutes a day to walk up and down the stairs can help you burn calories and strengthen your leg muscles. It will also help to also get your heart pumping creating a bit more circulation.

Walking is one of the simplest ways to incorporate fitness into your world. But say you can’t take a break yet what can you do? Well to help get your body moving you can do what I call “desk work stretches”. These are just simple little stretches that you can do anywhere. They include rolling your shoulders forward and back helping circulate the arms and hands.  I also like to stand up and stretch my arms over my head to get them feeling good and to help give a little bit of a stretch and add circulation to my legs.

Even standing up to talk or have lunch with another co-worker can get more exercise back into your daily schedule. This will help you not only help your body feel great but can help your social life increase as well. There are so many ways and things you can do to help your body while still succeeding in your workday and home life. It just takes a bit of time to find what might overall be best and help you out the most. It is only mind over matter!

What will you do to start being healthier?