Can Boxing Be For Everyone?

Boxing is not merely a competition for hardened athletes and gladiators (though, how cool is that?). The sport has seen a positive surge in recent years as it has been modified for the fitness world, and with many daily exercisers looking to spice up their schedules, it is becoming the workout of choice. There are several fitness styles that might sound interesting but really aren’t a good match for every level. Basketball can seem like fun, but it can pose a bit of a challenge for those who aren’t naturally coordinated. Running can be a perfect way to get zone out and healthy but wears on joints and ligaments easily. For a variety of reasons, the sport of boxing is perfect. In fact, the question tends to come up: Can boxing be for everyone?

Great Cardio Workout & Energy Booster

Boxing is firstly a full-body sport! Muscles from your abs, back, glutes, shoulders, biceps, deltoids, triceps, quads, hamstrings, muscles all over your body, you name it, are involved in every step of your workout. To avoid your opponent, you dodge and throw punches, and dance around the ring. You begin gently in a normal session to cover the fundamentals, and then you begin to create the combinations and drills that make them more challenging, keeping your heart rate up. Each move is high in strength and intensity whether you are boxing for the sake of training or fighting; you’re bound to break a sweat. During an hour boxing session people are likely to burn more than 600 calories!

It Will Improve Your Coordination & Stability

Boxing is a perfect way to focus on your hand-eye coordination, particularly if you are hitting a goal in the gym. According to Harvard Health Publishing, this may have real-life effects such as helping you feel more alert or making it easier to perform everyday activities such as walking through your busy kitchen.

Boxing creates Discipline & Control

Without practice, it is difficult to get good at anything. You might trick yourself about how much you’re training or going to the gym, but the battle night doesn’t utter lies. Working hard every day because you don’t want to feel the agony of humiliation. You will become anything you want if you can just get through the boxing training. There is no space for laziness or non-compromise in technical preparation, intellectual discipline, endurance, and physical fitness. The training that you are developing in boxing will contribute to everything in your day to day lifestyle.

Always Room to Grow & Learn

Whatever your age, gender or fitness level, you can jump right into a boxing routine. Your strength level is solely based on your personal development. Whether you want to emphasize a non-power punching technique, it is up to you. Operating independently, you have the option to schedule the timer for rounds of one minute or five minutes. With the aid of a timer or boxing app, you can build your workout at your own pace, holding yourself accountable easily (yes, this is a thing).

Boxing Teaches You to Have Fun with Your Workouts

There is nothing more fun than a few rounds slugging it out in a ring. This is a great escape from life’s stresses, and you get in shape. Boxing is perhaps the first time that other people are truly judged critically. This assessment gives them an objective to achieve and a challenge. There aren’t many things that test you like boxing. When you find something challenging, you have to stick with it because overcoming challenges is key to happiness.

Patience Is Everything

Most trainers drop personal and mental development lessons on their participants. One of our favorite phrases for our trainees is: “Wrong things happen quickly. Better results always seemed to take a bit longer. “This takes time with any development. If you expect things to happen fast, your training isn’t going to last long.

Boxing filters out people looking for fast solutions.

Another instant endurance test is how long it takes for a coach to take you seriously. If you’re a crazy athletic model or a wealthy guy, at least most boxing gyms do not pay attention to you. This is because most gyms have only one trainer. Only one trainer wants to teach other fighters, pros and amateurs alike. He might also be leading those daily workout lessons. But then there is the young man who most definitely won’t stick around. You’re going to have to prove your worth and that’ll take time.

Immediate Confidence Booster

Confidence is the secret to reaching whatever you want in life. If you don’t believe in yourself, why would someone believe in you? If it helps you feel good when hitting the weights, wait until you know your fists will protect you. Confidence building is a strong excuse to box. The effect is profound. Lifting gets you feeling good. Boxing makes you feel unstoppable. That confidence— the kind of confidence that solves problems — can’t be obtained any other way than learning how to overcome it.

Literally EVERYBODY Can Benefit from A Great Boxing Workout

There are old grandmas attending boxing fitness classes and there are kids running laps around some of the grown-ups. The learning curve for fundamentals isn’t high, from experts to those who have never even seen a heavy bag. Those in wheelchairs are known with a friend or a coach carrying mitts to get practice done. The moral of the story is that you need to remove the excuses, take your gloves and let’s do it.

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