Are you searching for “Boxing Gym Near Me”? Are you aware that one of the best boxing gyms near Altamonte Springs, Fl has recently closed its doors? Title Boxing was one of the go-to fitness gyms in the area for top of the line boxing. It gave the most ambitious competing members a path to major competitions like local and nation-wide events. For the past 5 years, we’ve seen an influx of new boxing gyms in the area competing for the title of “best boxing gym near me”. It does make you wonder what the reason behind its doors closing. Could it possibly be that a new boxing gym near you has taken the title? Yes, and in walks in Box HIIT Fitness Forma.

Box HIIT Fitness Forma – Boxing Gym Near Me

Box HIIT Fitness Forma has recently been named one of the best boxing gyms near your area. Helping you create the body, lifestyle, and health you need. Box HIIT Fitness Forma is an intense and unique boxing experience that helps you find the best and most effective fitness training for you and your body. Whether you are a beginner or an expert in fitness training, Box HIIT Fitness Forma has all levels of training for you to start at whatever is most comfortable for you, and that’s why Box HIIT Fitness Forma is named the Best Boxing Gym near you.

From beginning to end, Box HIIT Fitness Forma gives you a comfortable place for you to work out and get the most out of your training. We provide trainers who are highly educated in areas such as nutrition and are certified by a personal training institute to get you all the knowledge and help to turn your fitness lifestyle around. If you’re not comfortable being in a group, we also have one on one training to help boost your confidence.

With our high-intensity interval training, we will provide you with cardiovascular and anaerobic exercises. Add boxing drills and training techniques and you have Box HIIT Fitness Forma. Our work out sessions are all about giving you an intense and challenging experience with a twist – fun energy hence the best boxing gym combination.

Benefits of a Boxing Gym Near You

Imagine having a busy schedule and still being able to fit in a healthy 30-minute-High intensity interval training routine? Then being able to jump back to your busy lifestyle without missing a beat. How would you feel? How would that help you with your day to day operations? Well, that is what you get from the best boxing gym near you. A pause from your daily operations to take care of your health and body without missing a beat. Having a rough day at work come by and get a stress-relieving workout in. You can come after taking the kids to school or before picking them up from school. We strive to always meet your needs because we understand family and life balance. We are the best choice for boxing near you. Simply Google “Boxing Gym Near you” and you will see.

Our Workouts

A Box HIIT Fitness Membership Includes Access to Open Gym Anytime During Business Hours. Box HIIT Fitness offers you the ability to diversify your workouts. With a membership, you get UNLIMITED fitness classes and open gym. One of the biggest advantages of having a Box HIIT Membership over any other membership is that you can use the open gym at Box HIIT anytime during business hours. There are 30 classes a week so you can find the right class to fit your busy schedule.

Box HIIT 50

It is a 50-minute trainer-led boxing-inspired workout. It includes six 3-minute rounds of boxing or kickboxing using a heavy bag with 1-minute of strength training between each round. Box HIIT 50 was designed to help strengthen the body while improving your cardiovascular health.

Forma 60

is a 60-minute trainer-led group fitness class. It combines functional and High-Intensity Interval Training. This targets various muscles as you work through assigned stations. Each work out will target various muscles utilizing a variety of equipment. These include free weights, medicine balls, sleds, battle ropes and much more. Forma 60 has been designed to build power and burn fat.

The Best Boxing Gym for YOU

After all, fitness is a very important factor in living a beautiful and healthy lifestyle. Furthermore, having the flexibility to live a balanced work, life, and fitness lifestyle is a huge advantage and benefit. The feeling of confidence that comes from thriving lifestyles is one not easily matched when you have a gym working with you to make the best of your day. The extra added confidence will help your overall personality with everyone you associate with but most importantly yourself. At Box HIIT Fitness Forma we give you the comfort to push the inner levels of yourself and provide you with a happier healthier and a much more fun and active lifestyle. Box HIIT Fitness Forma is the best for BOXING GYM Near YOU.

Box HIIT Fitness Forma is a boutique gym with BIG gym amenities. We offer best in class instructor-led group workouts to include Kickboxing, boxing, and total body boot camp style classes. We are located right in Maitland at 143 Atlantic Drive, Maitland FL 32751 (Ste. A). For more questions about our services or gym facilities, give us a call at 407-853-5317 or email us at