Box HIIT Fitness Forma is the Best boxing gym in Maitland!

Box HIIT Fitness Forma is the best boxing gym in Maitland! Why you ask? Well Box HIIT Fitness Forma has Training sessions that are good not only for your physical body but also for your mind. Box HIIT Fitness Forma’s goal is to provide you with a place you can feel safe. We will provide you with a comfortable area for you to reach your fitness needs.

Our Team

Here at Box HIIT Fitness Forma, our team has dedicated themselves to help you reach the fitness goals you always wanted to reach for your body. Founded by Marilyn Limentato Black. Marilyn Created this fitness gym to help and inspire you to reach your goals.  Having had over twenty years in a career in corporate America, Marilyn Black traveled all over to multiple fitness gyms, work out formats and trainers. Learning everything she could and put it into one incredible fitness forma. Helping you to make your dream of being fit possible.

Surrounding herself with a team she can call family, Marilyn Limentato Black has built a strong team of men and women that are passionate about helping you reach the body of your dreams. Here at Box HIIT Fitness Forma our expert team is 100% educated and certified by a professional training institute and all having multiple years of boxing and fitness experience. We take pride in our fitness knowledge and our customer service. We pay close attention to your needs so we can help you become successful in your goals.

Our coaches and trainers at Box HIIT Fitness Forma are highly educated in nutrition. They are also accredited personal trainers from highly advanced athletic colleges and universities. Providing you with all the knowledge and help you need to improve your fitness lifestyle. If you’re not confident in working out with a group, that’s no problem. We have trainers who can teach you privately until your confidence grows.

We help make fitness fun with Purmotion

The Best part of boxing is you can’t help but smile while you float like a butterfly and sting like a bee. Helping you to boost your energy, the top boxing gym in Maitland is just remarkable. Can Box HIIT Fitness Forma help you sculpt the body you deserve while positively changing your lifestyle and health? Indeed, we can. Introducing Purmotion equipment. Purmotion is a brand of equipment used at Box HIIT Fitness Forma to help allow us to create the flexibility to quickly adapt to all our member’s needs.

Most Athletes will lift heavy and awkward weights to help accomplish their goals. But people just starting out on their fitness journey might not be able to put those strict and awkward movements into their work out routine. Over time, these exaggerated movements might put a strain on your body causing a lot of painful sore muscles. Purmotion is much safer and more comfortable form of equipment for those just starting out. The beauty of Purmotion is that no matter if you’re an athlete or beginner, you will be able to do the same movements but in separate different weight limits. Thus, helping you to grow at your own pace.

Training for all ages and levels

No matter if you are just starting your fitness journey or if you’re an expert in fitness training, Box HIIT Fitness Forma has all the levels of training for your fitness needs. Starting off with whatever might be most comfortable for you, our professionals will help you get to the goal you desire. No wonder why Box HIIT Fitness Forma is called the Top Boxing Gym in the region.

From start to finish, you will get a convenient and comfortable place to work out and get the most out of your fitness exercise and training. Not only will you have access to personal training but will also have access to open gym. Here you are provided with cardio equipment, strength training and other state of the art fitness equipment. No matter what level you are on, Here at Box HIIT Fitness Forma we make sure there is something for everyone on every level.

Our training workouts

We created Box HIIT Fitness Forma workouts to fit for all levels and ages. From beginners to Athletes, our workouts, Box HIIT 50 and Forma 60, are designed to give you an exciting but challenging experience. Box HIIT 50 is a 50-minute-long trainer lead boxing workout that includes the use of heavy bags. In this workout you will be able to do six 3-minute rounds of boxing or kickboxing. This workout also allows you 1 minute of strength training in between each round.

Forma 60 being one of our most popular workout exercises, is a 60-minute-long trainer lead workout. This workout is meant to condition your body with the fusing of functional weight training with high and intense interval training. This training is designed to help you to maximize your calorie burn. In the Forma 60 team workout you will also have access to training balls, battle ropes and weights. Our Forma 60 workout will help you build up your strength and burn that unwanted fat.

Overall, here at Box HIIT Fitness Forma, we give you the support you need to drive your inner strength and give you a happier, healthier more fun and active life. Box Hit Gym Forma is the TOP BOXING GYM in Maitland, and it shows. Box HIIT Fitness Forma is a boutique gym with BIG gym amenities. We love to offer the best in class experience and instructor led group workouts. Providing you with Kickboxing, boxing and total body conditioning style classes.


So, if you are wanting to start your fitness journey or challenge yourself with a stronger form of work out, Come join our fun fitness boxing gym. We are located right in Maitland at 143 Atlantic Drive, Maitland FL 32751 (Ste. A -1020). For more questions about our services or more information about our gym facilities, give us a call at 407-853-5317 or email us at