Is Convenience Really Worth the Spend?

A 30-minute workout sure does sound like an easier, more time efficient way to work out. Question is, is it actually as time-saving to your day, and as efficient to your body as one would think?

The body needs anywhere from 10-15 minutes before the brain can play “catch-up” with the body’s circulatory system. Thats so the body can properly warm up before any extensive cardio workout. Warming-up and cooling-down plays a very important role in your workouts. On 30-min workouts, thats already half the workout, leaving you with about 15 minutes left for any actual calorie burn. What this means is you will need to make more time to work out!

The American Heart Association actually recommends at least 150-minutes of cardio activity per week, which is 2.5 hours worth; at 9Round, someone would have to attend 5-days a week to get the same workout as someone at Box HIIT Forma. Imagine benefiting in just 3 classes out of the variety of classes we offer at Box HIIT Fitness Forma. Your warm-up and cool-down should be in addition to your workout. Not a very effective workout if you’re devoting majority of your time to your warm-up and cool-down routine.

Same Routine?

At Box HIIT Fitness Forma, we mix variety in our workouts, vs. at 9Round, you are guaranteed a very similar workout every time you go. That can get boring in as little as just a few sessions and demotivate you. At Box HIIT Fitness Forma we offer 3 different types of classes, and also give our trainers the flexibility to vary the types of workouts used on a day-to-day basis. One of the main reasons why we can do this, is because of the variety of equipment we have. Plus our building space is exceptional. Our 8,500 sq.ft. building, is neither too big, and definitely not TOO small. Which gives us plenty of room to get creative with your workouts.

Every 15 minutes?

If you are a person that is motivated by a group setting in the gym, there may times when you go through the workout at 9 Round all by yourself, and on the opposite end of the spectrum, the facility is so compact that at busy times, you may actually be waiting to use the equipment you would like to use.

At Box HIIT Fitness Forma, all of our classes are trainer-led in a group setting, however, you receive individual attention as well so no one gets lost in the crowd, and no need to feel intimidated as our classes are for ALL fitness levels. Also, you can come in any time from open to close to get a workout in. We always have our ‘workout-of-the-day’ posted on the gym floor, so even if you can’t make it to a class there is still a workout for you to utilize- So forget about 15-minute increments; we’re here for you every MINUTE from open to close!

So skip the minor 30-min workout, and make the MOST out of your health at Box HIIT Fitness Forma.

Box Hiit Fitness Forma, Best Workout Gym

A boutique gym with BIG gym amenities. We offer best in class instructor led group workouts to include Kickboxing, boxing and total body conditioning boot camp style classes.  We are located right in Maitland at 143 Atlantic Drive, Maitland FL 32751 (Ste. A -1020). For more questions about our services or more information about our gym facilities, give us a call at 407-853-5317 or email us at

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