Box HIIT Fitness Forma in Orlando is known as one of the top Fitness Forma in Florida. But why? Why is Box HIIT Fitness Forma the best you ask? Well, I promise you will find out all the answers you need with this Q and A. This gym has everything you could ask for. From the professional trainers to our Purmotion workout equipment. We can help you reach the goals you want for yourself and your health. Can’t make it to the gym due to the coronavirus? That’s ok. Here at Box HIIT Fitness Forma, the Best Fitness Forma in Orlando, we not only help you get in shape at the gym but also while you’re stuck in your home. We can help create a fun and challenging experience to empower you to be the best version of yourself.

Q: Who Is Box HIIT Fitness Forma? How Do I know They can get me to reach my fitness goals?

A: Box HIIT Fitness Forma is a high-intensity interval training gym. We provide a gym for you that has all the Purmotion equipment and workout training needed for you to push yourself towards your dream body. Our work out techniques are fit for all ages and we have workouts for beginners and advanced athletes. Here at box HIIT Fitness Forma, our trainers have dedicated their lives to the world of fitness. Providing you with everything we can, we make it our goal to help you reach your goals.

Q: What exactly is high-intensity interval training? Will it be too much for me to start with if I’m a beginner?

A: HIIT is a cardio session that is a series of short but very hard workouts. The whole point of high-intensity training is to kick up the intensity of your cardio. Pushing yourself in your workout is truly what makes a real HIIT workout. Being at your maximum limit and having the feeling of wanting success for your look is what will get your body the way you want to look and feel in a much quicker time. This form of exercise training can get your body the help it needs faster than dieting or just a normal jog. At Box HIIT Fitness Forma, we stand by your side in every way through your HIIT workout journey. Hey, it’s no wonder why we’ve been named the Best Fitness Forma in Orlando.

Q: Will this workout be safe for me? How do I know it will be good for me and my body?

A: Box HIIT Fitness Forma has workouts led by professional trainers for all ages and beginners to full-fledged athletes. Here at Box HIIT Fitness Forma, we make it our mission to help provide you a safe clean and comfortable place to help prepare you for getting your health and body back on its feet. Our Purmotion equipment is also what helps make this training experience a whole lot better. Purmotion is equipment designed to provide you with easy to use tools to get your dream body. This magnificently designed equipment can help build your muscles from your legs to your abs and even neck muscles (if you are into working out that part of your body).

Q: Is this training for someone like me who has a fast-paced life? I work an awful lot and even though working out is important to me, time with my family is worth more.

A: Yes! HIIT workouts are perfect considering that they only last about 60 minutes or less. You can easily fit a quick 60-minute workout on the way home before getting to the family. Or you can even take a small trip on your lunch break to enjoy an exhilarating heart-pumping workout to get you motivated through your day.

HIIT is meant to be convenient while getting you a full hour of work pushed into a small amount of time. Box HIIT Fitness Forma provides you with workouts called Forma 60 and Box HIIT 50. Both workouts are trainer-led. The Forma 60 is a 60-minute lead workout that lasts 60 minutes with muscle training in between on breaks if you choose. These workouts are meant to help you build muscle and burn off fat and calories almost with ease.

As for the Box HIIT 50, this work out is only 50-minutes long. This workout covers all cardio and helps you to gain more strength in boxing or kickboxing. Using various forms of equipment can help you condition your body and help gain strength.

Within both workouts, you will be able to use equipment such as our heavy bags, weight ropes, and medicine balls. But if you’re a beginner and don’t feel too comfortable working out with a team of people. Then that’s ok. Box HIIT has an open gym from the time the gym opens to the time it closes. Box HIIT Fitness Forma also can provide you with a little one on one training with one of our professional workout trainers.

Best Fitness Forma in Orlando

Q: How can Box HIIT Fitness Forma help me while we’re at home in the pandemic?

A: One of the wonderful things about Box HIIT Fitness Forma is that we always got your back. We make a promise to help be there for you every step of the way through your journey in fitness. Until the pandemic passes, Box HIIT Fitness Forma posts blogs and videos all over our website and social media pages.

We have videos that help you with different workout positions and how to do them properly from home. Visit our website to read and learn from our blogs with everything from how to stay healthy while being at home, how to fit your workout into your busy schedule and so much more.

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Overall, Box HIIT Fitness Forma cares and wants you to have the most fun and efficient fitness journey you could ever ask for. Join us here at Box HIIT Fitness Forma and be the you that you crave yourself to be. Stay tuned for more of our wonderful and educational blogs. We hope we have answered some of the questions you might have had. We are in Maitland but have many members in surrounding areas like Casselberry and Winter Park. Our address is 143 Atlantic Drive Maitland, Florida 32751. Call us to come in and meet with a trainer.