Can Box HIIT Fitness Forma help you create the body, lifestyle, and health you need? Box HIIT Fitness Forma is an intense and unique boxing fitness experience to help you find the best and most effective fitness training for you and your body. Whether you are a beginner or an expert in fitness training, Box HIIT Fitness Forma has all levels of training for you to start at whatever is most comfortable for you, and that’s why Box HIIT Fitness Forma is named the Best Boxing Gym in the area.


From beginning to end, Box HIIT Fitness Forma gives you a comfortable place for you to work out and get the most out of your training. We provide trainers who are highly educated in areas such as nutrition and are certified by a personal training institute to get you all the knowledge and help to turn your fitness lifestyle around. If you’re not comfortable being in a group, we have trainers that can give you one on one time until your confidence increases.


With our high-intensity interval training we will provide you with cardiovascular and anaerobic exercises. Add boxing drills and training techniques and you have Box HIIT Fitness forma. Our work out sessions are all about giving you an intense and challenging experience with a twist fun energy hence the best boxing gym combination.

The Best Boxing Gym Workouts

Box HIIT 50 is a 50 minute workout led by our trainers. It includes boxing and kickboxing rounds using our heavy bags, plus strength training in between our rounds. If you are looking to increase your calorie burn, Box HIIT 50 is where you would want to start. We also incorporate medicine balls and suspension training into the workouts.


Forma 60 is an hour-long group class led by a fitness trainer. It includes functional and High Intensity Interval Training. Forma 60 targets various muscles as you work through assigned stations. Each work out will target various muscles utilizing a variety of equipment. These include free weights, medicine balls, sleds, battle ropes and much more. Forma 60 is created to burn fat and build strength.


For the mind and body, boxing is simply remarkable. There are so many reasons why at Box HIIT Fitness Forma you should start a Boxing workout routine and why this is so many people’s fitness option. In addition to the overall fitness benefits, punching a bag and adding boxing to your fitness routine will be a game changer is really an empowering feeling! Here are some of the main reasons why boxing at Box HIIT Fitness Forma is essential:


Boxing Relieves Stress

Whatever has taken you to your point of break, boxing will help calm you down. It is a healthy and productive way to let go of tension and anger to hit the punching bag. Studies show that performing high-intensity workouts (such as boxing) released more endorphins for an hour than a mild workout. In addition, boxing for fitness has many positive outcomes: it builds trust and discipline.


Boxing Builds Coordination and Poise

Punching a bag requires focused movements and the ability to quickly recall combinations that lead to your muscles and mind being challenged. furthermore, Coordination of the hand-eye is crucial to boxing. If you don’t think you have that ability, with the right training and practice, we’ll teach you to box and work on your skills.


Boxing and Punching Burns Calories

Because of the cardiovascular benefit, boxing will improve the heart rate and muscle stamina. This will increase your endurance, giving this the ability to easily combine all forms of physical activity. Thirty minutes of punching a bag will consume 300-400 calories.


Boxing Tones Every Muscle

Boxing is a total body exercise that improves overall fitness. It’s easy to think it’s just an upper body workout, but the legs and back are also improved. Not only is it great for cardio, but if it is done correctly, it will reinforce the whole body. According to Jessica Matthews, an exercise physiologist for the American Council on Exercise. “Boxing enhances a range of skill-related fitness metrics, including speed, flexibility, reactivity, and agility, in addition to improving your strength and cardio.”

Boxing Is FUN

Who wouldn’t have fun hitting the hell out of a punching bag?! Boxing lessons at Box Hiit Fitness Forma for your mind, body AND soul is a serious game changer. You’re going to have fun at the same time and enjoy your workout instead of treating it as a chore. Boxing has so many positive benefits, but most importantly, though having the best time and a smile on your face, you will be tested.



Want to push your body to the next limits? That’s were our state of the art Purmotion equipment and exercises come into play. Here’s how the science of our Purmotion equipment came to life. Movements such as Olympic power lifting, are most certainly impressive to watch, and feel empowering to accomplish, but how does this extreme loaded weight and awkward movements apply to the average person who doesn’t power lift as a profession? Over time, these repeated movements will put an exaggerated strain on our wrists and elbows. Just like a car after so many miles – things start to break down. The human body is very comparable to the automotive of a car; blockages, build-ups and break-downs- Oh my. Just like a good mechanic, if you know how to maintain your body well, our adversities and injuries can be preventable, for the most part.


The Best Boxing Gym for YOU

After all, fitness is a very important key factor when it comes to living a beautiful and healthy lifestyle. The feeling of confidence can and will help your overall personality with every you associate with but most importantly yourself. At Box HIIT Fitness Forma we give you the comfort to push the inner level of yourself and provide you with a happier healthier and a much more fun and active life. Box HIIT Fitness Forma is the BEST BOXING GYM for YOU.

Box HIIT Fitness Forma is a boutique gym with BIG gym amenities. We offer best in class instructor led group workouts to include Kickboxing, boxing and total body boot camp style classes. We are located right in Maitland at 143 Atlantic Drive, Maitland FL 32751 (Ste. A). For more questions about our services or gym facilities, give us a call at 407-853-5317 or email us at