Boxing is simply amazing for the mind and body. There are so many reasons why you should start a Boxing workout routine at Box HIIT Fitness Forma and why this is the exercise choice for so many people. On top of the overall fitness benefits, it is truly an empowering feeling to punching a bag and adding Boxing to your fitness routine will be a game changer! Here are some key reasons why you need to try Boxing at Box HIIT Fitness Forma:

Boxing Relieves Stress

Whatever has got you to your breaking point, boxing will help you calm down. Hitting the punching bag is a healthy and productive way to let go of tension and anger. Studies show that doing high-intensity workouts (such as boxing) for an hour released more endorphins than a moderate workout. Additionally, there are many positive outcomes of boxing for fitness: it builds confidence and discipline.

Boxing Builds Coordination and Poise

Punching a bag requires focused movements and the ability to quickly recall combinations, which results in challenging your muscles and your mind. Hand-eye coordination is key for boxing. If you don’t think you have that ability, no problem it can be learned with the right training and practice.

Boxing and Punching Burns Calories

Boxing will improve your resting heart rate and muscular endurance because of the cardiovascular benefit. You will increase your stamina which will give you the ability to incorporate other forms of physical activity with ease. Thirty minutes of punching a bag can burn 300-400 calories.

Boxing Tones Every Muscle

Boxing is a total body workout that improves overall fitness. It’s easy to think that it’s is only an upper body workout, but you are also strengthening your legs and back. Not only is it great for cardio but if done right it will result in total body strengthening. According to Jessica Matthews, an exercise physiologist for the American Council on Exercise. “In addition to boosting your strength and cardio, boxing improves a number of skill-related parameters of fitness, including balance, coordination, reactivity, and agility.”

Boxing Is FUN

Who wouldn’t have fun punching the crap out of a punching bag?! Boxing classes  at Box Hiit Fitness Forma is a serious game changer for your mind, body AND soul. At the same time,  you will have fun and actually enjoy your workout, rather than treat it as a chore. There are so many positive benefits to boxing but most importantly you will be challenged while having the best time and a smile on your face.

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